Hello, I’m Keri

Certified life coach, heart-centered business mentor and host
of the Aligned Woman Podcast

I have a profound love for holding space for a woman like she’s never experienced before.

I have a gift to fully see her in all that she is and extract pure, raw power.

My work runs deep. It hits you to the core and calls every part of you forward.

I want to help women build the life and business of their wildest dreams but even more than that—I want to walk beside her as she claims and embodies the woman who can hold it all.

I believe every woman on the planet has access to a power within her that is stronger than any force we have ever known.



In the power of choice.

That stepping deeper into our leadership is the key to unlocking everything we’ve ever wanted.

We are not our past. We are not where we come from and those of us who have chosen to break generational cycles are here to be an example of what’s possible in the world.

Our challenges, our struggles and the things about ourselves we try to hide from the world are the greatest source of our power.

In Spirit. In Oneness. In the omnipresent power that surrounds us–that IS us.

We’re not here to hide, play small or follow in anyone else’s footsteps. We’re here to unlearn any and everything holding us back and everyday make the conscious shift to listen to our heart and move in the direction of our Soul.


Thank you for landing here.


Walk With Me