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You landing here tells me you are a big-hearted, deep-feeling kind of woman.

A masterpiece.


A lover of the inner work. A seeker of knowledge and truth. You're powerful in many ways. Passionate. Ambitious. Here to create change. Here to expand, grow and embody the woman you're meant to be.



This year has cracked you wide the fu*k  O P E N.

As you look back you take a deep breath in as you relive everything you have overcome. The growth that’s been required from you and the breakdowns that have birthed some of your most profound breakthroughs yet…

As you exhale you're reminded of the strength, depth and power all of this has built within you.


Layer after layer you peeled back pieces of yourself you never knew were there.


And now…


You’re left with what feels like a puzzle with a million little pieces that is not yet complete.


Still more work to do. More layers to shed. More patterns to dissect before you can finally put it all together and start embodying the woman you KNOW you can be.


But what if there was another way?

What if everything that has been placed on your path this year held a portal to the most expansive upgrade you ever experienced?

What if it wasn't about "doing more" or seeking out more information but instead looking at your year as the initiation of a lifetime?

You've moved through a lot this year...

The unpredictable highs and lows. On top of the world one day then hitting a black hole of doubt, comparison and self sabotage the next.

Being hit with every test under the sun. You know intellectually that everything is working for you (or at least that's what they say...) but this year has caused you to see more of your shadow than your light.


The frustration and irritability around why things aren't working; why it can't just be easy.

Witnessing yourself falling back into old patterns and recreating the same underwhelming life scenarios despite your effort to "do all of the things."

Struggling to find the clarity and motivation for what's next. You've had the most beautiful visions come through; the deepest desires have poured out from your heart but you can't find the confidence or focus to gain traction.

Feeling like you're on an island, all alone, in the middle of nowhere. Misunderstood. Confused. Frustrated. Desiring community and connection from people that just...get it.

And now, you can no longer sit back and accept this as your reality. You've hit you're breaking point and now you're ready to move.




the breakthrough of a lifetime

Catalyst is an intimate 3-month group experience for the woman who's ready to embark on the greatest walk of her life.

This is the culmination of a year you will never forget. A point in time that will change you forever. This is an experience where you look back and say...


"That's the year everything changed for me. It was the year I came alive."

This work is about clearing out what's no longer supporting you so you can build the kind of woman who can hold everything you desire in the coming year.

(It's already yours.)

Catalyst is a call forward to commit to yourself and the life you desire to build like you never have before.

Here's a glimpse into our journey...


A deep dive into your patterns and conditioning so you can see what needs to be released, healed and transmuted so you can fully step into your power.

Clear the clutter. The thoughts, beliefs, sabotage, things you've been putting off, your physical space, the habits that keep you stuck... Letting it all go so you can build from a clean slate.

Integration around the lessons you've learned. Trusting the moments that held the greatest challenges also hold the lessons you're meant to see. From here we extract your power so you can choose who you want to be.


Deeeeep self acceptance and healing. This is where you are set free--from your mistakes, choices and the things you've been holding onto so you can liberate your energy and free yourself form the past.

Understand what it means to hold your power. Emotional intelligence. Radical ownership and personal responsibility will be the core of your new foundation.


Permission to unlock the desires in your heart - the dreams, visions and goals you want to bring to life and the activation to claim 2022 as the year you came ALIVE.


Learn how to be a match to the life you want to create and bring your desires into physical form through clarity, focus and aligned action.

Anchor in the identity of the woman inside of you who KNOWS her value, worth, gifts and beauty without question.



What puts Catalyst in a class of its own is INTEGRATION.

This is not the kind of program where you coast through, pick up a few new concepts and then get spit out on the other side still feeling like something is missing and 2 weeks later falling back into old patterns.

When things arise and you're put to the test you are supported the whole way through. You have me and an intimate sisterhood of incredible women to see you, support you and hold you accountable in the most loving way.

This year has cracked you open for a very specific reason. None of what you are experiencing is by accident and I promise you the missing piece to the puzzle

You are the CATALYST. 

Power, my love. Pure unfiltered power lives and breathes inside of you and I have designed this experience to bring that power to light! 


You feel it. I know you do. Trust it. Trust yourself and claim in this moment...


"This is where it all changed. This is the moment I choose myself."

I am honored to walk this path with you. Let's build an unforgettable year together.

Catalyst is a 3 month commitment that will begin mid December and end in March.


There will be a total of 12 weekly group calls hosted via Zoom. 9 of our calls will have a specific focus (a.k.a. area DEEP transformation) that we will dive into together. The other 3 calls are for integration - time devoted to give you 1:1 access to me, get private coaching and support and connect deeply with the other women on this journey.

There will be a private Voxer chat where you can plug into me as your mentor as well as the other women inside for added support, sisterhood and accountability.

You will also have access to my full library of courses, trainings and guided meditations including the Alignment Codes, Reintroduction and the Self Led Woman (a $3,333 value alone).

Click the button below to APPLY. You will be asked to input a few pieces of information about yourself and will then be connected with next steps.