Hello beautiful! Let's take a journey together...

Let me start by welcoming you here. I believe deep within my bones that you have landed here for a reason. For that, I am truly honored and excited to see what this path has to hold for you.

I'm going to spare you the typical jargon that you would normally see on a page like this.

I'm going to save the "Tell me if this is you..." and "Can you imagine if your life looked like..." lines for someone else. They don't belong here.

Here's the deal...

If there's one thing I believe in, it's a woman in her power.

And I don't believe I have to convince you of what's possible. I truly believe, somewhere deep down you already know.

Every single thing that has happened in your life up until this very moment has lead you here. Right. here.

With a pull inside of you that you can no longer ignore.

A pull to find more peace, depth and stability.

A calling that has been whispering out to you to fulfill your purpose in this life, to find what lights you the fu*k up and the courage to finally make the move.




I know what it feels like to be in a season of deep transformation...

Where you feel a bubbling up inside of you that's pushing you towards something that feels BIG, sometimes bigger than you.

I understand deeply how much you have been stretched and tested and how you yearn to break the familiar bonds of your past.

I know how it feels to desire something so deeply but to feel so far away, so disconnected from the version of you who can create it.

I know the stories you tell that hold you back, the past you think you can never let go of and the things about yourself you feel you can never accept.

The vision you have on your heart, the calling you have felt for years telling you you're meant for more. The mission, impact, success and wealth that you have been dreaming about.

And finally, the longing to know yourself. To heal the parts of you that you are afraid to let people see, to understand what it's like to deeply love, accept and yourself. To let your soul speak through you and to deepen your connection with the unseen.

This. This is why you're here. This is what we get to tap into together


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“Before working with Keri I was lost in survival mode with no control over my life. Keri taught me how to trust myself. She helped me truly change from the inside out. I feel like I have been reborn in this life and have been given a chance to live. To love each and every moment and see what all is here FOR me. It brings me to tears and I also know, that it doesn’t stop here. It never stops, but now I can enjoy the journey."

TARA S. / Internal Sales + Business Owner

“I feel like a new person. While working with Keri I could literally feel the weight coming off my shoulders. There were so many times I broke down crying because I just felt I was finally free. Free and confident for the very first time. I've learned to change my mindset, shift my energy and take care of myself in ways I didn't know existed. This work has moved me."

ASHLEY N / Pharmacist

Now, let's dive into the work we create together...

I create a space for women to take off their armor and feel safe in being fully seen. A space where vulnerability, raw truth and the real you can come out of hiding.

One of the things I love the most about my work is being able to really SEE a woman and hold space for her like she has never experienced before. There's something really fu*king powerful that happens when a woman feels safe to open up and trust another woman with her heart and her vision.


I weave science and spirituality, the feminine and the masculine and of course, flow and strategy into my work. Some of the different techniques and methods I use are subconscious reprogramming, Somatic healing, emotional intelligence, energetics, NLP, meditation, and name a few.


My intention is to EXPAND you. To stretch you, retrain your nervous system to hold more and then show you what's possible when you tap into your power center.

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"Keri is a mastermind of connecting to people on a deep level after only knowing them for ten minutes. She knew me. She related to me. She didn’t judge me or make me nervous when I wanted to be open. She has a way of kicking your spiritual butt and holding you accountable, while still cradling you and your inner child to let you know it’s all going to be okay."

SAM D / Singer + Songwriter

“The work I've done with Keri helped me regain my sense of purpose. I feel like a veil was lifted and the space of peace I have within myself is reflected in everything I do. I have come home to myself. For the first time I have a deep sense of self worth. During our 6 months together I also took my side passion project and built a legit business from the ground up! My business is skyrocketing and I am truly in awe of what I have created"

KATRINE S / Biostatistician + Business Owner

And now for the juicy details...

I offer both life coaching and heart-centered business coaching. What lights me up the most is helping women create an incredible life that they are proud of, excited about and a career that lights them up. Whether that's scaling a business of your own, strengthening your leadership inside of your current role or starting something from the ground up--it's all welcome here.

And the truth is this, without the inner work there is no alignment. So this piece, regardless of where you're at, will be at the heart and soul of our focus.


I currently have two different packages--a 4 month and a 6 month commitment. Both of these include weekly calls, unlimited support between calls, access to my live courses and access to my library of evergreen courses.

As for the process I use, each indiviual client is different. I don't operate from a restricted 1, 2, 3, step approach that works for all. Everything is custom and designed to fit your specific needs and desires and to meet you where you're at.

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With that being said, let's peek into my process + what's possible for you...

Rewire the subconscious mind


Remove unconscious blocks + outdated belief systems


Inner child healing


Money mindset shifts

Cultivate profound states of healing and acceptance within yourself to finally begin knowing and loving the woman you are


Tapping into the non-physical a.k.a. strengthening your connection to Source (what ever this means for YOU)


Upgrade your habits, behaviors + routines


Retrain your nervous system to hold and manage stress from a conscious + empowered state


Clarity around your mission, purpose and what you're here to do


Build a solid foundation for your business to thrive and finally start to fuel + inspire you 


Strategy behind start up, launching, branding, niching, etc...

Again, just to name a few.


*takes an E X H A L E...*

I've enjoyed our time together. Now is the time where you get to be called forward to step into your power. Something that never ceases to amaze me with literally every client I work with is how much can change in such a short amount of time.

The same goes for you, love, once you decide and choose yourself. A mentor once said to me, "Not even the sky is the limit." Feel that. Nothing that has happened before matters now. Your past, your current circumstance, your stories, your experience--the only thing that creates a new future to is to make a new choice in THIS moment. To choose yourself. Your growth. Your future.

Click below to answer a few short questions and from there I will reach out with next steps and further details. Feel free to email me at or find me on the socials for any questions.

I look forward to the opportunity of working together and creating some absolute fun*ing MAGIC with you! Until then...

xx Keri


When you click 'APPLY HERE' you will be redirected to a short application form that will take you about 5 minutes to complete. From there I will be in touch with next steps.