Want to learn how to finally create lasting change and start being the leader of your own life?

I have created a 3-month program that will show you exactly what you need to take your overwhelm and turn it into aligned action. Start creating the freedom and success you deserve.


How would your life change if you could...


Get out of your own head and stop drowning in your anxiety?

Figure out WHY you can't stay motivated or ever manage to create habits that actually stick?


Build a solid foundation of new beliefs about yourself and the world so you can begin creating an entirely new reality--one that's rooted in opportunity?


Let go of your past and all of your mistakes so you feel free from the life of guilt and shame you once lived?

Get crystal clear on where you want your life to go and build the mental capacity to start moving in the direction of your deepest desires?


"Keri is a mastermind of connecting to people on a deep level after only knowing them for ten minutes. She knew me. She related to me. She didn’t judge me or make me nervous when I wanted to be open. She has a way of kicking your spiritual butt and holding you accountable, while still cradling you and your inner child to let you know it’s all going to be okay. She’s a rockstar and I’m so grateful for the 3 months we had together. I would recommend her to anyone, and my only regret is that it took me so long to invest in a life coach and to meet Keri!"

Sam DeRosa





Your personal roadmap towards consciously creating a life of freedom, success and expansion.


 Embodied is an immersive 3-month coaching experience for women who are ready to unleash their fullest potential. It's easy to get inspired but how do we take that inspiration and integrate it into our lives? Embodied will show you how to take your inspiration and turn it into tangible action so that you can finally start to shape shift the world you know.


Here's the process I have created for you...



Discovery: We drop deep into your heart and begin crafting the life that you are designed to live. Together we create an empowered vision that sets your mind, body, and soul on fire.

Identification: you will begin to clearly see the core beliefs, past trauma, child wounding, + self-sabotaging stories that have been holding you back.


Healing: Through different methods of Somatic teachings, ontology, positive psychology, neuroscience and meditation we will begin the healing process. You will finally discover what life can be like once you have surrendered your blocks and old ways of being.

Soulful Strategy: This is where we begin to look directly at the woman you are here to be. We get to know that Divine being inside of you who is capable of anything she desires. We will set a clear strategy in place that will activate you to start taking aligned, committed action towards your dreams. 

Embodiment: Ahhh we made it. You will now get to tap into what it's like to embody that powerful version of you every single day. Here you will begin to create a solid bond and an unshakeable love for yourself. Fully embodied you will finally start showing up for your life and choosing a new story. Let the freedom ring!

Foundation: Once you are fully embodied in your conscious radiance you will be given the tools to build a solid foundation for your life moving forward. We will redefine what integrity means to you so that you can take everything you have learned and keep moving in the direction of your heart and soul. You will learn what it's like to be fully accountable and to live in a world where you know everything happens FOR you.


 "Before working with Keri, I was quite possibly at one of the lowest points in my life. I was deflated, unmotivated, and scared to leave my bubble of comfort. I now feel more empowered than I ever have in my life. I have a newfound confidence in myself that has helped me both in my personal life and my career. The biggest change I've witnessed in myself is shifting to the mindset that I am 100% capable of creating my own reality. It has led to increased confidence, an overall sense of peace, and calmness in my relationships. This experience has been life changing, empowering, and challenging in the best way possible!"

Melissa Dabbara

Office Manager, Private Equities


This is who Embodied is for the woman who...

Is ready to move forward and break the binds of everything that has been holding her captive.

Is excited to start exploring a higher power, something greater and deeper than what is seen in our physical reality.

Finally feels ready to release the suffering from the past and emerge with a NEW, empowered TRUTH.

Is on a mission to create a new story, one that is rooted in abundance and possibility.

Wants to create a better version of themselves, one who is steeped in leadership and passion for life. A woman who is thriving in her relationships, career, finances, and health.

Ali Roth - Pic.jpg

"My entire life shifted once I got real with what happened in my past. Since working with Keri I feel so much more confident standing in my truth. I know what I am worthy of and deserve from those around me.

My self-worth and self-respect has blossomed so mcuh and continues to grow. I now know what I am worthy of and will not settle for anything less. I feel like a different person and can physically FEEL the repercussions of this work. This journey has been raw, honest and beautiful. I am forever grateful."


Ali Roth

Human Resource Manager

I believe that true liberation comes when we learn to embody the powerhouse woman we are here to be.

My mission is lead women towards personal freedom by embracing every last part of themselves and standing in their truth--scars and all--with dignity and pride.

I know what it's like to feel stuck, stagnant and not good enough. I also know that we have the power to change and overcome everything that has been given to us. I know about the power inside of you and I can't wait to show it to you.

Are you ready for this? Let's go there, sister.

xo Keri