Your Empowered Life

A 12 week empowerment journey for women

Are you ready to start building your tribe and stepping into a life that ignites your soul?

Alright, ladies. It is finally time to stop all of the consumption and start integrating the work that will actually make an impact on your life.

I see you, beautiful. You feel lost and overwhelmed in the sea of personal development books, podcasts, YouTube videos--you name it, you've consumed it.

You want so badly for something to stick, for something to swoop in and give you the secret to the change you are desperately seeking.

You are also craving a tribe of like-minded women who love all things abundance, manifestation, Universal power, and who are right by your side supporting and cheering you on.

I see you and I was you. And now I am here to guide you.

Here are a few other things I know about you...

You are struggling to find direction in your life and you want so badly to be working towards something that makes you want to LEAP out of bed in the morning.

Something within you has been "off" for a while and you can't seem to figure out what it is. What you do know is that it's keeping you STUCK.

You are ready to heal from past relationships, trauma, and old beliefs that take your power away.

You want to feel like a lighter, brighter, and more inspired version of YOU who is excelling in life and making BOLD moves with a kick ass community of women by your side.

I have amazing news for you. I have created a program just for you. I have designed a 3-month group coaching journey that will speak directly to your heart and will give you the tools to start setting and dominating not only your goals, but your entire life. Imagine waking up embodied in confidence, living into your own brand of power, and being free from all of your inner-struggles that once held you back. 

You can have this. You can have all of this and more. The first set is believing it's possible. And listen up, I believe in YOU.

Let's dive into the details of Your Empowered Life...


We will dive deeply into what your soul has been longing for. We will create a vision for the strong, empowered woman you want to see.


You will be safely guided into your subconscious mind to uncover and release limiting beliefs, childhood wounds, and mental blocks that have been holding you and your power back.


Step into creation mode and start claiming the life you want to live. You will learn that YOU are the creator of your life and YOU can have and be anything you want.


Finally you will know the and love the woman you are here to be. You will learn how to embody the highest version of you to move forward towards a life of pure joy, alignment, abundance!

Empower Your Life will include 3 months of:

Live video calls each week where you will have the opportunity to be coached one on one. You will also gain an immense amount of knowledge and breakthrough from seeing the members of your tribe go through their own expansion.


An intimate Facebook group set up specifically to build community and to support your continued growth with live videos, weekly challenges, inspiration, and much more.


Transformational work and practices each week that are designed to support and move you through your journey.


Voxer and email support between sessions.

Guided meditations, books, journal prompts, and tons of resources to keep you aligned and held accountable. You will have access to so many tools that you will not only use throughout the program but will be yours to have and integrate forever.

A few more things I want you to know...


This is not your typical goal setting/life coaching program. You will be pushed and held accountable throughout our time together because I KNOW what you are capable of.

You will learn what personal leadership is all about and you will activate the powerful leader that is within you.

You will learn how to bring structure and discipline into your life in a way that puts your growth and development FIRST.

We will integrate new habits and practices that will open your mind, body, and spirit to an entirely different reality.

The life that you once knew will completely change. You will finally know and FEEL what it's like to live in alignment with your soul's truth.

Are you ready to unleash that power that is dying to come through? To create bold change you must be willing to take bold action. The time is now. This is your path, beautiful, and you are so supported. What are you waiting for?