a scarcity detox

A 4-day immersion that is going to shift your relationship with scarcity, fear and self worth.

Growing up most of what I knew was… there’s never enough.


Some of my earliest memories were of worry and struggle, specifically around money.


Even as a little girl I could feel the fear that would arise when my mom would go to pay for something… “Am I going to have enough?”


But this goes so much deeper than money… and that’s what I really want you to see.


There was also a lack of safety, stability and wholeness, even as a young child, that I could sense in my body.


As I grew up this created a belief where I looked at the world as always being scarce.


Not enough time, money, opportunities. Things just always felt… hard.


And as I would begin to see, at the root of all of this was an identity in me that said I wasn’t enough.


This filtered into every area of my life. Money. Work. Relationships. How I valued and took care of myself.

Then 10 years ago it was like a door to another dimension opened up for me when I was introduced to teachings on abundance, money mindset and healing.


For the first time I saw a glimmer of hope that my life could be different… that there was more to life than struggle.

This was all new information to me but at the same time it was like I was remembering something that had always been locked inside of me.


I don’t recognize the woman who sat there years ago, not able to take her eyes off the screen as she watched her first Abraham teaching.


Everything shifted from that moment. Everything. But… something still wasn’t fully landing for me.


Even when I started making more money than I ever had before, achieving things in my life I never thought possible and even feeling the happiest I had ever been, I still felt like it could slip through my fingers at any moment.


I still had this deep down feeling that it was all going to run out. I had everything I had asked for but it still didn’t feel like enough.


And at the end of the day when my head hit the pillow, I didn’t feel worthy of any of it.


I always thought to create more abundance I had to try on a new mantra, meditate longer or read another book that would finally give me the answer I was searching for.


But what I’ve found on my journey is there’s another layer to this work that’s not talked about enough—a layer that is crucial for the women who struggle to find that sense of stability, safety, trust and wholeness within themselves.


This layer has to be peeled back and brought to the light.


I truly believe it’s the only way we can redefine our relationship to scarcity and create the life we’re truly meant for.


This is where we’re going inside of this experience. I’m going to be opening up a conversation around scarcity, money, abundance consciousness and self worth like you’ve never heard before.


These are the teachings I wish I had years ago. Missing pieces that over the years slowly started to come together and show me the true meaning of living from abundance.


This is not another program where you’re going to learn a trendy new concept to manifest more money. Will that happen if you embody what I’m going to teach you? Yes. But manifesting more things into our lives isn’t what’s at the heart of this.


Walking you back home to a piece of yourself you have long forgotten—that’s the work here. This is going to open up a doorway for you that will shift how you view your world. I look forward to walking this path with you.