Words of Transformation

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Ali Roth,

Human Resource Manager

My entire life shifted once I got real with what happened in my past. Since working with Keri I feel so much more confident standing in my truth. I know what I am worthy of and deserve from those around me.

My self-worth and self-respect has blossomed so mcuh and continues to grow. I now know what I am worthy of and will not settle for anything less. I feel like a different person and can physically FEEL the repercussions of this work. This journey has been raw, honest and beautiful. I am forever grateful.

Michelle Elkin,

English Teacher

This experience has literally changed my life. Working with Keri has been monumental, expansive and liberating!


Fear and lack of self-worth held me back for so long. Instead of seeing other people pursue their dreams and conquer them, I finally have confidence in knowing that I am worthy and just as capable to make the same things happen for myself. I am now at peace, there was so much healing work I did within myself that it opened space to allow new experiences. I’m more aware of my self-worth and what I’m capable of. I don’t judge myself so critically anymore and I’ve learned ways to love up on myself with a new confidence.

Sam DeRosa,


Keri is a mastermind of connecting to people on a deep level after only knowing them for ten minutes. She knew me. She related to me. She didn’t judge me or make me nervous when I wanted to be open. She has a way of kicking your spiritual butt and holding you accountable, while still cradling you and your inner child to let you know it’s all going to be okay. She’s a rockstar and I’m so grateful for the 3 months we had together. I would recommend her to anyone, and my only regret is that it took me so long to invest in a life coach and to meet Keri!

Melissa Dabbara,

Office Manager, Private Equities

Before working with Keri, I was quite possibly at one of the lowest points in my life. I was deflated, unmotivated, and scared to leave my bubble of comfort. I now feel more empowered than I ever have in my life. I have a newfound confidence in myself that has helped me both in my personal life and my career. The biggest change I've witnessed in myself is shifting to the mindset that I am 100% capable of creating my own reality. It has led to increased confidence, an overall sense of peace, and calmness in my relationships. This experience has been life changing, empowering, and challenging in the best way possible!

Megan Shillingsford,

Student, Healer, Mother

Working with Keri was life changing for me. You learn how to love on such a deeper unconditional level, and you're able to heal with the root of sisterhood at the core. My heart aches as this chapter of my life is closed, but I am walking away seeing life in everything around me, and unchained from everything that was ripping me away from my truth. I will always love and cherish this journey and am forever grateful for this incredible work.

Abbie Rodriguez,

Human Resource Specialist

Before my work with Keri I didn't believe in myself or the power of manifestation or the power of being in touch with myself on a deeper level. I have learned that being aligned with my higher self is what brings me joy every single day and that spills into every area of my life. I feel empowered. I feel bold. I feel enriched. Keri helped me understand that I was not alone in the emotions I was going through and the thoughts of not being enough. I now feel empowered and truly believe that absolutely anything is possible no matter what I've gone through on my journey. 

Caroline Bertani,

Communications Professional

The biggest change I've witnessed in myself since working with Keri is I have learned how to speak up and own MY truth! I no longer believe the stories I heard about myself growing up. I know who I AM and believe I have the power to shift anything! I feel lighter, because through my work with Keri, I was able to let go of the heavy energy I had been dragging around with me for years. I now feel like a lighter, more powerful and focused version of ME!

Alex Johnson,

Student/Mental Health Practitioner

Before working with Keri I struggled with focusing on what people think snd how they perceive me waaaay too much, which dimmed my light and capabilities. I now understand that the relationship I have myself is the single most important relationship; nurturing the relationship with myself and working on healing past wounds has not only impacted my relationships with other people, allowing me to bring out the best versions of others, but has made me more aligned with my vision and excited about creating my new future.

Brooke Brasfield,

Holistic Life Coach

Everything in my life lined up in a way that led me to Keri. I believe the universe brought us together to wake my ass up. When I began with Keri I wanted to get clarity in my life and my career. I wanted to feel more confident. I wanted to know who I was and what the hell I wanted. I now feel like a new person. Keri was able to help guide me into seeing how I wasn’t able to envision anything - my life, my future, any of it. Keri helped me to find my vision, confidently say who I am and what I do; she also called me on my shit when I was getting in the way of my life and my progress. The biggest change I've witnessed in myself is my confidence. I found my voice. I see my future and who I am to this world. Love you, Keri!

Jenna Lorton,

Integrative Nutrition Coach

Keri’s program will absolutely transform you professionally and internally.  The strategy, the mindset shifts, the tangible shifts, the everyday feedback, the list goes on.  I would still be sitting at my computer desk begging/pleading/threatening myself to get my business and website launched had I not signed onto Keri’s “Find Your Fire” program.  She does more than crack the whip to get you moving towards your vision and goals.  She digs deep, gets into your mind & heart, and helps you work through things that you might even realize are holding you back.  Keri also gets a plan in place for you and then helps you work backwards week by week so that reaching the specific point/goal that you set at the beginning seems much less overwhelming and at times almost effortless. 

Sarah Weiss,

1st grade teacher, Entrepreneur, Real Estate Mogul

I feel as if I can conquer the world!  I have my confidence back.  I no longer let the opinions of others affect the way I live my life. I am the one who is charge now.  Keri taught me how to find my voice and start standing up for myself and my newfound beliefs. Ahhh I feel like I am radiating confidence.  I’m taking control of my life…not letting others persuade what I do or what I want. I’m not afraid to…speak up for myself and take control of situations that have an impact in my life. Working with Keri has been phenomenal and truly life changing!

Kaitlin Economan,

Business Development Coordinator

I was allowing stress, anxiety, and a feeling of being constantly overwhelmed control every aspect of my life. I knew I had to make a change, and I did not want to have to resort to medication. Since working with Keri I can finally say I have found the inner peace I've always hoped for. I have learned to treat myself with more self-respect which has enabled me to set boundaries with people who trigger me in a negative way and to distance myself from the people in my life that gave me a feeling of bad energy. Keri has taught me many ways to hold myself accountable and to not break the promises I make to myself. I feel as if I now have a new life to look forward to.

Danielle Parker,

Marketing Consultant and Founder/Owner of breathesweatlive.co

Making this investment in myself has been, hands-down, the best decision I’ve ever made. I feel like a new and improved version of myself. I feel lighter and more confident. I literally have imagined myself walking forward as the shackles of my past fall away. Keri gave me the tools and support to replace old negative beliefs and patterns with self-love and acceptance. The biggest change in my life has been how I treat myself. I am healing the relationship with myself and it feels so good.

Jennifer McQuay,

Owner, Everyday Malas

 + Yoga Instructor

Before working with Keri I was always exhausted and had very little to give to my family or myself. I knew something had to give. Keri helped me see that I am capable of SO much more than I ever thought I was capable of. I have MY life that I am now in control of. I don’t allow anyone else to control my decisions, thoughts, or beliefs. I have this newfound motivation and proof of what I’m capable of. Keri helped me get back on the path to finding/discovering/uncovering myself. 

Ashley Lentz,


+ Yoga Teacher

I was feeling unclear about what was next for me. I was having trouble navigating and discovering my true calling and wanted to get clear on what direction to follow next in my life. Through working with Keri I have been able to find the confidence in proclaiming my truth, standing in my power, and really tuning in to my intuition on what fills me up + what fuels my passion and creative genius. I am no longer uncertain about what I am doing nor am I seeking approval from others. Rather, now I am standing strong in who I am, what I do and having so much fun with the possibilities around me! Keri is an incredible human being. I can’t quite put into words just HOW GRATEFUL I am for this experience but I know I am forever touched.

Allison Hull,

Hospitality + Service Industry/Student

I was at a point in my life where I was feeling stuck and couldn’t figure out how to move forward, or where I wanted to go. This sense of immobility left me hopeless and self-destructive. After our first call I already sensed so much hope and direction. Fast forward 3 months and I  have now rediscovered myself! Keri helped me process many elements of my past that were holding me back from moving forward. From there I have been able to develop a deeper sense of who I am and where I want to go. I know how to show up for myself now and am finally living for ME. My experience working with Keri has been challenging, enlightening, and empowering and is truly one of the best things I have ever done for myself.

Chelsea Perniciaro,

Master Hair Stylist

My life was a bit of an unorganized beautiful mess!! Keri helped me single out exactly what it was I needed to focus on. I feel like I am finally ME FOR THE FIRST TIME! 100% me!!! One of the biggest changes I’ve witnessed is the fire and passion i have for my career and the confidence I have in myself that I never knew I had! 

Marlo Tenuta,

Interior Stylist/


I was at a crossroads of figuring out what I wanted in a career and personal life. Looking to regain a sense of vibrancy and fulfillment in all areas. I have gained a much higher awareness and understanding of what makes me happy, what inspires me, and what strengths I hold that can positively impact others. There's a spark in me now that I haven't felt in years. It's like I'm looking at my life through a clear lens and can see how truly bright my future is.

Jenny Brosseau,

Director of Business Development

 Before working with Keri I was feeling stuck. I felt like I was going through the motions of life with my job, my personal life and my role as a mom. I now feel like I am truly happy again--but from the inside out this time. I laugh at work, with my friends, everywhere. I feel like my authentic self is finally shining and it feels so GOOD! I want to accomplish things again. I've rid myself of all the negative energy and old stories and I know how to manage this part of my life now. I have found my fire again and have this burning passion to start LIVING my life MY WAY!  

Carol Dickerson,

Founder / CEO

I had just started my own consulting company and needed help honing in on my goals, building the steps to launch, and more importantly staying rooted in my spirituality and highest self. Keri was there to help me visualize targeted steps and at the same time help me to stay true to my values through the process. Working with Keri has been magically powerful for not only my career but for my SOUL. Keri's guidance allowed me to have the focus I needed to reach my goal and stay tuned in to the Divine part of me that I hold to be so sacred. I am set to launch my company later this month and owe a big part of it to Keri.

Tayler Topper,

Nurse/Stay at Home Mom

When Keri and I first connected I was two and a half months post partum, I had just quit my job and had hit rock bottom. I was lost and felt hopeless when it came to my purpose in life. I am now much more grounded. I have a greater sense of self awareness and am confidently working on starting my dream career, one that fulfills my life's purpose. The vision I have for myself and my future is clearer and I am finally more at peace. I believe in myself more than ever.

Erika Niedbalski,


My life has been very busy with endless to-do lists and jumbled goals that I didn’t know how to reach or even why I wanted them. I had relationships I really needed to learn to maneuver in a better way, but just couldn’t get it quite right. One of the biggest changes I have witnessed from working with Keris is that I am now more aware of who I am. I am confident in my choices and feel like I am LIVING my life with purpose. There is an intention to everything I do now and I feel capable of accomplishing ANYTHING I put my mind to. I am now feeling freed, uplifted, and like I have a sense of direction towards my now fulfilled life.

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