"You can not always control what goes on outside but you can control what goes on inside." -Dr. Wayne Dyer

Let's get together and move, my people. Now more than ever we need to be tending to our minds, bodies and souls. We also need be coming together for community and connection during a time of social isolation.

Grab your coffee and your mat and cozy up with me this Saturday morning. I will lead you through a beautiful morning practice that is accessible for all levels. I will also guide through setting a powerful intention for your day and restorative breath work session to wrap up our time together. I want these classes to be a space of calm, clarity and connection for you.

The sequence we will move through is designed to connect you deeply to your breath, body and spirit. We will move through poses in a way that allow you to become deeply aware of the sensations in every part of the body. We will explore the subtleties of both effort and ease as you learn to move more mindfully with the intention of leaving your mat feeling lighter and more at ease.

Online classes are $10.

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