Heading back to the mat.

Beyond excited to be adding some classes to my yoga teaching schedule in 2018. Over the past couple of years I’ve stepped away from teaching regularly to pursue a full time leadership position at Lululemon. As much as I have learned and gained from my role and from the company (it really is much more than black stretchy pants—blog post on this coming soon) it’s now time to get back to what my heart truly desires. I desire to teach, to guide and to share this beautiful practice both on and off the mat. One BIG thing that I’m taking away from 2017 is that when you find something you love so much, you have to keep moving in that direction with your whole being. No matter what it takes. There may be obstacles, doubt, hesitation and/or fear but if you have a vision and stay connected to that vision with all of your heart the Universe will provide. Tomorrow I will begin teaching again Agape Yoga Studio every Thursday (through March) at 8:30am and starting January 6th I will officially be a part of the Joy of Yoga community on Saturday mornings at 11:30am. I’ll also be offering my coaching services out of Joy of Yoga—more details on this to come! There’s much more on the horizon, my yogis. I’ll be adding a couple more flow options come February. It feels oh so right to be getting back into the STL yoga community with full force. Current class schedule: Tuesday 6pm at YogaSource; Thursday 8:30am at Agape: Friday 5:45pm at Practicing Yoga; Saturday 11:30am at Joy of Yoga.

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