My weekly invitation: Awareness

Ahhh you did it. You made it through your Monday. I hope everyone is prepping for an evening with whatever it is that serves your soul the best. I also hope that those of you who were brave enough to set some BIG goals for yourself this year are still plugging away and staying inspired. I thought all morning about what my intention was going to be for you this week. I went back and forth on a few ideas but wasn’t coming up with anything that I was excited to share. I realized it was because I was trying to make something work that wasn’t working for me. I was trying to build content around staying active, staying motivated and crushing those New Year goals. Enter: road block. You see, this week for me is a time of simplicity and intuition. It’s a time that I’m dedicating to honoring my body, resting, listening, saying no and giving myself permission to move slowly. To put something out there that I’m not fully embodying myself is just not me. One thing I vowed to do when I started my business was to be the most REAL version of myself that I possibly could be. I never want to share anything with my community that doesn’t resonate with me in the moment. I’m not afraid to admit that things aren’t always blissed the fu*k out. There are days when I really have to try to keep my vibe up. I will ALWAYS be real with you about that. So here it is. What I am embodying and what I need this week is exactly what I’m putting out to all of you. My weekly invitation for you is awareness. Turn in. Tune in. Be easy. Slow down. Even if you’re going after some intense fitness goals or have a crazy deadline to hit, challenge yourself to hit pause. See how deeply you can listen to what your mind, body and spirit are trying to tell you. All week I will be sharing ways for YOU to give back to YOU. I hope you stay connected.

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