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Oh my goodness. I. Am. So EXCITED to share this with you. Last month I teamed up with @healthywaymedia. We worked together to create beautiful mini-series that encompasses goal setting (the tactics and the why’s behind it, yoga and meditation just for you. I get asked pretty often what exactly it is that I do as a life coach. I also get the occasional eye roll from the people who look down down on it and think it’s all a big crock. Regardless of what you know about my chosen career path and/or what you think about it my goal here is to educate and share with you a tiny peek into what I do. Receive it as you wish. I’m still going to put my work out into the world in a BIG way.

Here is the first of three videos. Watch. Listen. Get inspired. Ask me questions. Leave me comments. I want it all. I hope you love this. I hope it inspires you to get clear and want to make some lasting changes. More to come my loves.

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