Exploring the Divine Feminine

Ahhh Sally Kempton you have written a masterpiece in “Awakening Shakti.” The last several months I have felt a strong pull to explore more of the Divine Feminine and Goddess energies. A dear friend of mine recommended this book a while back as a great resource for all things Goddess and I have not been able to put it down. @bri_owens_ I love you. As I find myself transitioning through what has been some of my heaviest days I’m finding so much healing throughout these pages. This book speaks to many things. One big piece that I’m connecting to is it’s teachings on DEEP spiritual awakening. I don’t think it’s any secret that I’m a spiritual being but where I’m at right now I can feel something so much bigger within me that’s coming to life. It’s as if this loss and the complications within my body are awakening me to something that I was meant to find all along. I am here to be a mother. I am here be a coach, a guide and a teacher. I’m here to share this knowledge and the strength that I’ve been building. Getting back to my clients, students and my business feels so fu*king good. Are you ready to dig in with me? I’m ready. As a special soul treat I’m going to share what I’m learning about each Goddess as I go along. For the next several weeks my posts, classes and teaching will be centered around THIS: The Divine Goddess.

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