Om Shrim...

Oh Lakshmi. What a sweet, healing blessing you’ve been to me. As promised I want to share a bit about what I’m learning from the powerful goddesses of yoga from the book “Awakening Shakti.” It seems only natural to start with the goddess of wealth, love, good fortune and of course, fertility: Sweet Lakshmi. Healing from my miscarriage has been the hardest thing I’ve ever had to overcome. I’ve had days that feel so dark. And even with the endless support system around me I still felt so alone. Learning about what Lakshmi represents and about the gifts she has to offer has helped pull me out of my darkness and given me hope. She blesses us with material wealth but also with inner abundance. One of her teachings tells us that it’s not more material “stuff” that we crave, it’s the inner experience of abundance and beauty. She is generous, motherly, radiant and graceful. She sounds fabulous, right?? Talk about #goals. My greatest takeaway from this chapter is to not just honor and attract the blessing of the goddess, but to actually become the deity in human form. So how do we this? It of course looks different for every person but what I’ll share is a little piece of what it looks like for me. ≫≫ Start by clearing your mind, your system and your space. Invite Lakshmi in by chanting or speaking the word of her presence. My personal favorite is Om shrim maha lakshmyai namaha (Om, I offer salutations to the great goddess of furtive). Envision yourself embodying the qualities of Lakshmi, show up for yourself and for others just as she would with beauty, grace and warmth. And finally, ask yourself, “What would I like to receive in my life right now?” Imagine yourself possessing these things, being filled with inner wealth and abundance. I can not wait to bring this to my students this week and would love to share more of my interpretation of Lakshmi with you. Click the link in my bio to contact me with questions or support. ((I’ll soon have some OPEN spots for new clients!!)) For the rest of you, I’ll see you on the mat.

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