Movement. It does a body good.

Today was the day I FINALLY got to step back into my physical yoga practice. It’s been about a month since I’ve been able to do anything besides a seated practice and my meditation. Needless to say I’ve been dying to get back into my body.

Coming off of my 3 day cleanse with Pura Vegan and Cafe I noticed immediately as I began to flow how aware my mind was and how easily I could connect with the movement. You see, that’s one of the many beauties of this practice (and a cleanse). It tunes you in, makes you aware and it fills you up—body, mind and spirit. Regardless of what movement looks like to you I invite you to be mindful this week with your body. Even if you’re pushing yourself or working hard towards something, be aware. And most importantly, be grateful. Our bodies work so hard for us every single day and we only get one in this life. Take care of it. Love it. Nurture and respect it. Looking to feel the flow? I recently updated my website with my class schedule and I would loooooove to practice with you. ≪ Link in bio.≫ Namaste.

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