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Community + Connection. ☝🏼Two words I spoke about in last night’s class at @practicingyogastudio. For me, these words shine a bright light on BIG piece of my own, personal work. Let me break it down for ya. When we are working towards something it’s easy to get stuck in our personal brand of fears. We get psyched out. We get in our heads and take the easy route >> we quit. As someone who has chosen to build a business and leave my comfort zone for good, I will be completely honest and tell you that I experience this on regular. But here’s what I’m learning... If we stay CONNECTED to something bigger; connected to our vision and hold onto it tight even when shit gets hard and we have a COMMUNITY of like-minded people around us to inspire us and lift us up, things have magical way of working out in our favor. When we’re connected to something outside of ourselves and have people around us who are committed to elevating this world you CAN create anything you desire—regardless of what you’re working on—a new career, a project, building a business, getting out of your own head, looking for a fresh start, anything! It’s all yours. What are you working towards? Get clear AF on your vision. Get clear on your WHY’s and hold onto them tightly. Revisit them every single day. Act as if it’s already yours. And then build your tribe. Seek out people that inspire and challenge you. Chuck deuces at the people that bring you down or don’t believe in your vision. Get out there and create something and do it with all of your heart. You are capable. You are enough.

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