Roll Out the Red Carpet

When you think of red carpets and royal treatments, what is the first thing you think of? Let me guess, celebrities and TV award shows. These treatments are reserved for VIP peeps who are in elite circles, right? WRONG.

What if I told you that you could be rolling out your very own red carpet on the regular? And what if I told you that by treating yourself like the kick ass VIP that you are, you could actually attract more abundance into your life?

This concept may be hard to grasp, but I promise you these words are true.

Take a second to think about how you treat yourself. Play back a normal day in your head. What are your routines, habits, and rituals? How much time are you devoting solely to YOU?

When I ask my clients these questions, I typically get back the same answers. They take a yoga class, get their nails done, go for hikes, binge on Netflix—you get the idea. These are all good ways to give back to themselves, but their lists of self-care must haves are never very long. What they do embellish on instead is what they do for other people and the list of things they have to get done throughout the day—all in which have nothing to do with taking time for themselves.

Are we really programmed to think that by getting our nails done every couple of weeks or getting in a few episodes of Queer Eye counts as self-care? Ladies, come on. We deserve more than this. It’s time to start treating ourselves better and putting ourselves at the top of the food chain. Here’s why:

The way we treat ourselves is a direct reflection of how we view ourselves. It’s a direct reflection of our self-worth. You know the saying, ‘treat others the way you want to be treated?’ What about the way YOU want to be treated? When we are taking time, and I mean intentional time, to treat ourselves like the powerful female beings that we are, we are able to show up for others in a bigger and bolder way. Treat yourself how YOU want to be treated. Now, this may take a little time and reflection, especially if you are out of touch with what is lighting you up these days. But a little journaling and self-reflection go a long way. Think about what you value, how you want to be treated, and what your non-negotiables are for how you want to start giving back to yourself.

Another reason we should be treating ourselves better is when we are taking time to bring beauty and intimacy into our everyday practices, we are telling the Universe that we deserve and want more! Like attracts like. When we are showing up and refusing to settle for anything less than what we deserve, we attract more of what we want to align with. On the flip side of this, if we are showing up every day in some ratty ass yoga pants, no makeup, and granny panties, that is exactly what the Universe is going to deliver up for you. The hot mess express is only going to get you so far, love. Let’s clean some things up and start taking pride in the way we show up in the world.

I am going to walk you through some ways to get started. If you’re already thinking, ‘but I don’t have any extra time or money to spend on myself,’ I’m going to stop you right there. We are all busy women who are in high demand these days. I’ve included little things you can add to your current daily routines that will allow you to spice things up with little time and very little investment.

  • Declutter your home, car, work area, any space where you spend a good amount of time

  • Tidy up your bedroom and add some fresh flowers or a candle by your bedside

  • Book in a Saturday morning hang session devoted entirely to you

  • Create an in-home spa for yourself

  • Shower with essential oils or let your oil diffuser run while you take a long, relaxing shower or bath

  • Create a beautiful morning or night time ritual designed to keep you feeling refreshed and inspired

  • Get up 20 minutes early to do your makeup and put on something that makes you feel good

  • Buy yourself a sassy, new pair of undies that make you feel sexy in your own body

  • Have amazing sex with your partner

  • Get outdoors and go for a solo hike

  • Ditch social media for the day

  • Take yourself out for a latte or glass of wine and really enjoy every sip

  • Hire a coach or mentor

  • Celebrate your victories—the big and the small

  • Spend some time getting to know yourself

  • Write a love letter to yourself, celebrating everything you are accomplishing

  • Schedule some down time during your moon cycle for extra rest and relaxation

  • Give yourself permission to say no

I hope you find these helpful and I hope you are getting excited to start treating yourself like the royal woman that you are. Regardless of how many of these you commit to, please remember the reason why you are doing this. You are deciding to show up for yourself and tell the Universe you are worthy of more, that you deserve more. And you absolutely do. You are a beautiful and powerful being that deserves all of the abundance and happiness that your heart can handle. And I want nothing more than for you to start believing that too. Once you see this and truly start believing it, you will be amazed at what you can attract into your life.

The Universe is ready for your call. It has everything you want, packaged up and ready to deliver. So go on, ladies. Roll out that carpet.

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