There is no greater force than a woman who is anchored in her power.

She feels alive in her body and has an excitement for life that MOVES her.

She embraces and accepts every part of herself and her path and holds her head high as she paves her way forward. 

She feels safe to express herself and be seen in her own blend of radiance.

She sees everything she has overcome as a pathway to the strength and resiliency that has made it possible to build the life she desires.


She knows she’s meant to create something BIG in this world and she sees how her story is the portal for it all.

She's committed to her alignment, anchored in her leadership and taking action on the things that fire up her heart and soul. 

She holds clarity in her mind, freedom in her heart and fire in her soul.




Hello and welcome, beautiful!

In case we haven't met before, my name is Keri. My goodness am I happy that you are here.

I hold a belief deep within my heart that every woman on the planet has access to a power within her that is stronger than any force we have ever known.

I also believe that this power comes from deep inside of her--from her story and everything she has overcome to get her here.

We tend to think that our past and all of the perceived limitations that 
come with it are what's keeping us from stepping fully into our power...

But the truth is, your past and everything you've moved through is the very thing that makes you the ONE who's meant to do and BE it all.


Babe, you were built for this. You have something inside of you that is so electric--it's time to let us see you!

What if the current story you've been telling about why it's not working for you and why you feel so far away from where you desire to be wasn't what was holding you back...

But instead was the very thing here to prepare you and strengthen you for what's already yours?

What if you were able to dismantle the fears around not being enough, not having what it takes or being too far behind to start...

And completely rebuild the woman within you--the woman who is shattering limitations and showing the world what she's capable of?


How would you think, act, move and breathe if you trusted yourself and your power?



For the woman who...

> Is ready to meet and accept the parts of her that she once felt she had to hide and dim down in fear of what people will think.

> Is ready to take a step back, take a deep breath in and let go of the struggle so she can confidently choose the life she wants to create.

> Wants to stop 
shrinking, playing small and looking outside of herself for permission to level up.

> Is ready to dig deep within herself and uncover her gifts, find her voice and start building a life and career path that is dripped in pure TRUTH.

> Desires to FEEL every cell of her body lit up by who she is becoming and what she is creating in the world.


The Reintroduction is about diving in and finding your vibe, your magic, your potency, and YOUR path. This is program is about dropping out of your head and unlocking the power within you to elevate the woman within. Inside of the Reintroduction you will learn how to:

Feel empowered around your story and everything you once felt you couldn't share with the world. The things you believe make you unworthy or incapable of building the life you want get to be expanded so you step confidently into your truth.

Begin shifting your beliefs and courageously meet the fears that come up and stop you in your tracks. We will reframe how you see yourself and what's possible so you can embody beliefs, thoughts and feelings that empower you to move forward.

Step into action from a place of clarity and alignment. You will finally understand what it's like to look within for the answers you've been searching for so you can embody the wise woman within who knows what she wants and is ready to go get it!


I'm ready!

1 payment of $555

1 payment of $888
*1 (60) minute 1:1 call + 3 weeks of Voxer support + accountability

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"Too often we allow outside forces to dictate how we feel, what we believe to be true about ourselves and what's possible in the world. Our fears, doubts and comparison kick in and we FREEZE. Time stops. The doubt kicks in and we shrink down into a version of ourselves we've long grown out of. 

The Reintroduction is is the pathway back to yourself. It's full bodied acceptance of who you are so you can finally embrace YOUR path, your gifts and your potent truth. I can't wait to walk this path with you."

With love,

Frequently asked questions to support you in saying 'YES' to yourself:

Will this be a live experience or pre-recorded modules?

We are LIVE, baby! I want you to be tapped into the energy coming through in these codes; I want to feel you and I want you to feel me. We are in this together--the whole way!

What's the time commitment?

This course will be spread out over 3 weeks with approximately 2 live group sessions each week that will go for 45 minutes - 1 hour. There will be work in between each code to help you integrate what you are learning. You get to choose how much time you commit from there.

What if I can't make all of the calls live?

All of the calls will be saved inside of our private Facebook group for you to watch and plug into. I will also be posting all of the work inside of our group so you won't miss a beat. Once the course wraps up you will have access to the material for 90 days, that way you can come back and anchor in when you need it.

Additional questions? Reach us at


I'm ready!

1 payment of $555

1 payment of $888
*1 (45) minute 1:1 call + 3 weeks of Voxer support + accountability

Want to snag the pay in full rate *and* make interest-free payments for up to 6 months? Click here to apply for Paypal Credit.

2 payments of $298