For the woman who is ready to step fully into her power and start building the masterpiece of her life.


A 4-week group experience with Keri Kugler


There comes a time in a woman's life where she’s led to a fork in the road.

One path leads her towards a life of more of the same…

Disempowered choices, wondering if she will ever be enough, struggling to keep the momentum of her life alive and never really knowing the strength she has inside of her.

The other leads her on an inward journey towards personal power and inner strength…

A path where she sees how her journey has shaped her and is ready to build her own personal masterpiece. One where she is the main character, moving through her life as the most centered, confident and grounded version of herself she has ever been.

In this moment she’s given a choice...

Continue down the path of disempowerment or choose to make something of what she has been given and to grow into the woman she’s meant to become.

Welcome to the path of The Self Led Woman


A 4-week group mentorship experience that will support you in rising and expanding into the woman you desire to be. The woman who's capable of holding it all.


As women we hold a strength within us that has the power to move mountains.

But things happen in our lives. We are given tests, obstacles, hardships, moments that rock us to our core and have us questioning everything.

These things have a way of shaping us that disconnects us from our innate strength. We forget about it and become detached from the deep power within.

But this strength doesn’t go anywhere. Underneath the fear, anxiety, doubt, uncertainty, confusion, anger--that strength is still there and I believe one of our greatest missions in life is to go on a journey within to find it and reignite our power.

This is leadership.

When we choose the inward path of self discovery, when we choose to really look at the lessons and to SEE what's on the other side we are able to embody the leader within.

When we are able to peel back the layers of conditioning, the experiences that disempowered us, the stuck energy…

When we learn to meet the deepest parts of ourselves and begin to walk WITH our fears, anxiety and all of the lessons, THIS is when we are able to turn the darkness into the light and fully understand the power we hold inside.

We are changed women when we do this work. It’s not something we read in a book or hold in our mind, it's something we KNOW, it’s something we EMBODY.

This is the path of the Self Led Woman


You will walk away from this experience...

Understanding the power of who you are and how your journey has shaped you into becoming the strongest version of you that you have ever been.

Knowing how to hold life's challenges and intense seasons of growth while still staying connected to your power and your leadership.

Believing in yourself like you never have before. Seeing your life and everything you've moved through as the work of your life.

And you will move through this experience feeling seen, supported and guided on one of the biggest transformations of your life. You will see this work MOVE throughout your own personal work & spiritual path, your relationships and the success you are building in the world.


A few pieces on our journey include...

  • Up to 2 weekly group activation sessions, all held live.
  • Private Voxer group for connection, coaching and support between sessions.
  • Dedicated Facebook group for added sisterhood, accountability and connection.
  • Guided meditations, activations and work between sessions to deepen your practices and strengthen your personal power.
  • Live Q&A sessions for personal coaching, mentorship and connection.


$555 or 2 payments of $298

Our group Activation sessions take place  on Sundays at 7:30pm CST & Thursdays at 7:30pm CST 

Our welcome call & 1st activation session will kick off on Sunday, September 12th at 7:30pm CST. You will be emailed all of the remaining call times and all other juicy details once you register.

The Self Led Woman

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