The Work

where women come to unlock their personal power.

This is for the woman who's ready to get out of her head, off the comparison hamster wheel and back into the driver's seat of her life.

I want you to experience what it's like to know yourself beyond your thoughts, beyond your fears, doubts, the comparison... beyond your conditioning and who you think you should be.

Beyond your mind and beyond your physical body, there is a power and a presence that lives inside of you.

Just as the hair on your head, the clothes you wear, the car you drive... this power is real.

It's not magic. It's not just a fluffy, woo woo concept that you need to force yourself to buy into.

This power lives inside of you and is the source of all that you are.

It's the confidence.

The trust.

The clarity.

It's your unwavering strength.

It's the flow.

The ease.

The grit and the drive.

It's you.

You know this power exists.

You've felt it. Experienced it.

Even if it has only come in glimpses, you remember the life force energy you have access to when you're connected to it.

But somehow, along the way you forgot.


And from where you're standing now...


... all you can see is an endless stream of disempowering thoughts telling why it won't work, why you're not capable and how much further you have to go.

... the clarity, passion and the drive you deeply desire to find feels lost in a sea of comparison, overthinking and procrastination.

... the voice of your fears and self doubt have become louder than the voice of your own truth and you've disconnected from what makes you truly come alive.


I have created The Work to reawaken the power that exists inside of you.

This isn't another program where you're going to learn how to journal about who this version of you is.

We've been down that road.

It's beautiful but I know you're ready for more.

You're going to leave this experience feeling like you have a sense of control, direction and purpose with where you're going and how this version of you is going to get there.


You're going to tap back into the strength, the drive and the passion inside of you...

Not just from a fluffy, conceptual way of thinking but by deeply understanding what this looks like on a daily basis.

I want you to remember what it feels like to be connected to the power and that lives inside of you and I want you to be able to wake up and know exactly what's required of you.

We begin May 11th. I look forward to seeing you inside.