There’s something about a woman who’s connected to the infinite current of her life force energy…


There’s a feeling about her.

A spark.

A presence.

She’s turned on by the natural flow and beauty of life and sinks into the pleasure of every given moment.


You can feel this radiating from her without her needing to ‘do’ anything.


It’s in her BEING-ness that her true essence is captured.


She’s able to see beyond the physical world; her current circumstance, her fears, insecurities and inner critic…


And tap into a Power within herself that moves worlds.


It’s captivating.


It’s what I’m here to bring forth in the women that step into my world this year and beyond.

I’ve witnessed in many women what it’s like when this infinite current of life force energy has dried up.


I can see it in her eyes and feel it in her soul.


A longing for wholeness.

A search for Truth.

A desire for depth & connection.


It’s as if a light that once shone so brightly has been dimmed and she’s become only a fraction of what she’s truly meant for.


But a tiny spark still remains.

Let's walk together and create world for you that is dripped in truth, self expression, wholeness, beauty, pleasure, success...and whatever else your soul is calling you towards.



Private coaching is my most intimate, high-level offering that is designed to guide you into stepping into the most powerful, expressed and connected version of yourself--in both your life and your career. This is about rising into your highest potential and embodying the woman you're here to be.

Together we do the mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic work that is going to expand you beyond anything you have ever experienced, both internally and externally.

4 month & 6 month options available. Payment plans accepted.


You get: Weekly calls, unlimited Voxer support, full access to library of courses and guided meditations, access to all of my live programs while we're working together.

*Please, apply only if you feel that full-bodied, soul-aligned fu*k yes kind of activation.*


"Working with Keri has unlocked things within me that I never knew existed. She guided me through the work - the deep, raw inner work that allowed me to step into my power as a woman. The insights I have gained are life-changing and will stay with me forever.  For the first time in my life, I can honestly say I love the woman I am."


“Before working with Keri I was lost in survival mode with no control over my life. Keri taught me how to trust myself. She helped me truly change from the inside out. I feel like I have been reborn in this life and have been given a chance to live. To love each and every moment and see what all is here FOR me. It brings me to tears and I also know, that it doesn’t stop here. It never stops, but now I can enjoy the journey."


“The work I've done with Keri helped me regain my sense of purpose. I feel like a veil was lifted and the space of peace I have within myself is reflected in everything I do. I have come home to myself. For the first time I have a deep sense of self worth. During our 6 months together I also took my side passion project and built a legit business from the ground up! My business is skyrocketing and I am truly in awe of what I have created"


"Keri is a mastermind of connecting to people on a deep level after only knowing them for ten minutes. She knew me. She related to me. She didn’t judge me or make me nervous when I wanted to be open. She has a way of kicking your spiritual butt and holding you accountable, while still cradling you and your inner child to let you know it’s all going to be okay."

-  SAM