The Art of Abundance Academy

Manifestation Course & Online Experience

Want to learn how to manifest more money, success and love?

Join me in this 7-week experience as I guide you towards unlocking your unlimited flow of abundance.


Let's have a chat, love. Do you...


>> Feel like month after month you continue to struggle to keep your head above water? Consumed by your thoughts of scarcity and fear that there's never enough?

>> Look at the women around you and compare yourself to the life they have built? Thinking about how you "should" be further along in your life than you are right now?

>> Hold the belief that more money, deeper levels of success and heart-pounding love is easily available for other people, but not in the cards for you?

>> Find yourself overwhelmed by self doubt and that inner voice telling you you're not good enough, worthy enough or capable enough to create a better life?

>> Crave a deeper sense of Self and a connection to the limitless powers of the Universe?

 >> Desire the freedom to finally live a life where you have choices around the money you make, the level of success you can attain and the amount of love you receive?

Can you imagine what life would be like if you...


 >> Surrendered your story of "just enough to get by" and had access to an overflow of abundance waiting to give you everything you want? 

>> Woke up every morning and felt a deeply rooted sense of peace and excitement for the future?

>> Uncovered your gifts and began working towards building a career or side hustle that was aligned with your highest truth AND made you cash monaaayyy?

>> Finally understood how the Law of Attraction and manifestation works and were confidently working with it to create the life of your dreams?

>> Found yourself. Embraced every part of you and fell deeply in love with the woman you are becoming?


Sit back and relax, beauty. I want to tell you a little story.

I remember a time when...


I would swipe my debit card for a $5 coffee and have this heavy pit-of-the-stomach feeling... "OMG I hope I have enough in my account to cover this."

I would wake up consumed by my racing thoughts reminding me that I wasn't enough, that I was too lazy to keep my commitments and that no matter how hard I tried I would always be behind.

My job sucked the freaking life out of me. I felt so unfulfilled in what I was doing and dreaded every day that I had to keep working in a career that wasn't aligned with my passion.

I truly had no idea what to do or where I was going. The days ran into one another and my self sabotage was running the show.

Manifestation seemed like a bright shiny unicorn--one that I could only dream about and wish for but never truly crack the elusive code and make it work for me.

I woke up and had enough. I got sick of my story of always having just enough to eek by and decided something had to change.


I FEEL this to my core! I'm ready!

Hell yes, babe! If you are ready to dive in I am here with open arms, ready to embrace every single part of you. Click the link below to join and start rewriting your relationship with abundance. After purchase you will be given access to the course so you can start diving in today!


Does this hit home for you? If so, you are exactly where you need to be.


I know it's easy to look at women online and think... "My God why is it so easy for her? What does she have that I don't"

Babe, I get it. And I want you to know that I have been right where you are at.

I understand what it's like to feel stuck and alone. I know how frustrating it can be to want something so badly but struggle to make change stick.

I understand how fascinating the spiritual world is--the Universe, Law of Attraction, manifestation, etc--but you struggle to find your connection with this expansive work that you feel so called to explore.

This. ALL of this is why I have created AAA for you.


The Art of Abundance Process

Let's dive into this powerful work week by week...


Week 1: Your Current Story // Cultivating a deeper level of awareness around your patterns, beliefs and the story you continue to tell about your life that is holding you back.

Week 2: Designing Your Vision // The intention here is clarity. You will be guided to drop into deeply into your heart and explore and claim what YOU want.

Week 3: The Sacred Purge // It's time to burn it all down! What no longer serves your highest good must good. This week will purify the mind, body and Spirit to make room for the new.

Week 4: Forgiveness & Letting Go Of The Past // The title says it all. Here you will begin forgiving yourself for your past, releasing your unworthiness stories and owning every single part of who you are.

Week 5: Going Deep // Exploring and building your relationship with the Divine. We will take a deep dive into what spirituality means to you. You will learn what it's like to truly begin working WITH the Universe and trusting your own inner guidance.

Week 6: Manifestation 101 // Welcome to all things Law of Attraction! We will explore HOW your world is created through thoughts, emotions and energy.

Week 7: Becoming // Embodying what you want to attract. We will explore how crucial your energy is and how it is *the thing* either keeping you in or out of alignment with your manifestations.



Course details & what you receive:

>> Immediate access to the AAA curriculum and course work.

>> My signature process that has guided hundreds of women just like you towards releasing their blocks and stepping into the highest version of themselves.

>> Mindset shifts, energy activations and soul strategy to guide you out of scarcity and self doubt and into a life of empowered abundance.

>> Guided meditations, daily rituals, support in creating routines and lifestyle changes to set you up for success and much, much more my love.

Click the link below to start diving into the course today!


A few more important things I want you to know.

This course is for the woman who...

 >> Is ready to take ownership of her life and break past old, limiting beliefs holding her back.

>> Knows there is something deeper, more expansive tugging at her. Something that's hard to put into words but that she can FEEL.

>> Feels ready to move forward. To let go of her past, her excuses and gracefully push past her limitations.


AAA is not for the woman who...

 >> Does not value this work or does not have the time to commit to themselves and their growth.

>> Is unwilling to see her own limitations or receive loving feedback on how she may begin showing up as a more powerful versions of herself.

>> Is not a full bodies YES to the most incredible transformation of her life.


Sound good, beautiful? Now, let's get some of your questioned answered.

Angie Shields
Owner, Jebel Dog Training & Obedience

"Before working with Keri I was making progress in all the wrong directions. Deeper into debt, depression, and overall poor health. Keri has a superpower. No matter what your current state is, she can see the highest, most expressed version of you. Within our first 2 months together, my life was unrecognizable. I was energetic, motivated, physically healthy, and most shocking of all for me, I hit a money milestone that was unfathomable just a short time ago. If someone told me I would be effortlessly bringing in 5 figures a month, I would have laughed in disbelief - but that is my reality now and I truly have Keri to thank for it."

Tara Steinbach

Business Owner & Project Manger

"Prior to finding Keri I was scattered and running on empty. I had just been furloughed from job and was letting shame and guilt be the story. Keri made me think about my personal growth and healing in a way that finally clicked. I'm now experiencing so much joy in my life and am grateful for everything around me. I found a confidence within me that pushed me to go for a job that I was in love with--and I landed it! I have found a happiness that comes from within me FIRST and am finally at peace."

Joy Idahosa

"Before working with keri I was trying to find direction I my life. I knew something needed to change but I didn’t know how to do it for myself. I felt powerless. Right away Keri had a way of holding space for me without judgement. She helped me see how much power I truly had. Keri helped me realize that all of the power, the strength, the joy and the love I was seeking was already inside me and that I just had to let go and trust. I am so grateful for Keri for Keri supporting me and guiding me through this life changing process!”

Adrienne Adkison, LPC, NCC

Therapist & Counselor 

"I came to Keri because I needed change. I wanted to go deeper and move in a different direction--a more powerful and healthy direction. Since working with Keri I have landed a new position in a school for mental health professionals, gotten a new space for my practice, started my website, bought a condo, started dating--I just started taking action! I have done a lot of things that I wanted to do and could not have done without the support of this work and the love and support from Keri. , I couldn't have done it without the support for Keri."

Morgan Fortier


"Working with Keri has truly transformed me into the person I have always envisioned myself being. I have awakened to the fact that I am the designer of my life, and I have never felt more empowered! Through working with Keri, I was able to realize that everything I was looking for starts within. I am a different person than I was before I started working with Keri. I feel in control of every facet of my life and bring a different energy to the table, no matter what room I’m in."


You ready? I'm ready for YOU!

You have made it to this exact space in time for a very specific purpose. You are meant for more; you are made for more. Answer the nudge, love. You deserve this. I can't wait to support you.

Click the link below to enroll and have your life and relationship with yourself changed forever. I can't wait to support you. Here's to your abundance!